How To Choose The Right Server For Your Website – Step 3

You have an address, now all you need is a “house” to attach it to.  Buying server space these days is easy and cheap.  You can set up a website for a year for under £50 if you play your cards right.  The server is the big lump of computer sat in a building somewhere that your website “lives” on.

Tomo’s insider tip!! It’s always best to buy server space in the country you see yourself doing most business in.  If you are selling in the UK, buy server space from servers that are actually in the UK.  Likewise, if you are going to mainly target a US audience, then buy server space from a US based server.  Why?  Usual reason!  Google likes it. It will search UK servers for UK based inquires and US servers for US based inquiries.  You want to take every advantage you can to get you up that Google ranking.

To run WordPress you are best off with a Linux based site that has PHP5.

My recommendation for servers are as follows:

UK based server webhosting uk .  This is the webhost that all my websites are on.  They are cheap, efficient and easy to use.  They also give great support that helped me no end when I first wanted to put my site up and had no idea how to do it (you should avoid that problem cos you got this guide to explain all).  They give online support 24 hours a day and I have found this much more efficient than the telephone service which does keep you waiting a while.

US based server  Once more, these guys offer you a great deal and are excellent value for money.  They have top notch customer service and will supply you with everything you need even with the budget package.  Installing WordPress is as easy as clicking a button – no faffing around with uploading files or any of that nonsense!

Get stuck in!

  • Choose the server that best suits your market, click on the link above to take you to the website and buy the cheapest Linux package you can get.  They all fulfill the requirements you have of a server so it’s pretty impossible to go wrong.  If you get super enthusiastic at this web building malarkey then you can upgrade your account later – but that’s probably a long way down the line for you (I host 4 sites on my UK based server and have barely used a quarter of my capacity).