If you want to build your own website then I have a full guide on how to do it!  Just click on the yellow box to the right of this information.   Download the instructions and get stuck in! Just to make it easier, here’s a list of resources that I use when building a website:

URL provider

For your domain names, click on the domain monster logo below.  They are cheap, effective and very helpful both online and, if you need to, when you ring them up.
Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration


Choose a webhost in the country that you want to do your main business in. If you want to go worldwide then I would recommend a USA based host.
Hostmonster– based in the USA. Well priced and well run.
Webhost UK – A UK based server that will do everything you need for a small website and very helpful online support.

WordPress Themes

Catalyst Theme – The only one that I use, it’s flexible and well supported. It’s also very fairly priced and allows you to make pretty much any design of website you can imagine without having to learn coding.

Read my guide to get full instructions as to what to do with all of these different pieces of the jigsaw.

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