Just a handful of the websites I have built for therapists and counsellors over the last few months.  If you want to see more please contact me by filling in this form.

The Affinity Centre

A clear, attractive website that's had a lot of success at attracting clients.  This site ranks brilliantly for the keywords that it targets.  By being clear and easy to understand, clients feel safe to book with therapists at the centre.

Ian Tomlinson Psychotherapy

This is my own personal website.  It's easy to find what you're looking for if you're a client and the front page is bright and attractive.  The site includes video, blogs and lots of information on what I do so the client can form a relationship with me even before they meet me.

Manchester Therapy Conference

This site was built for Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy's 2019 conference.  Once more a clear and concise site which is visually attractive and easy to navigate.

Integrative Therapy Birmingham

My brief was to create a clean, minimalist site which reflected the peaceful nature of Mark's approach to therapy.  The use of space achieved this but the site also made it easy for Mark's clients to find what they were looking for from the home page very easily.