Websites built by Soulhealer.

Have a look at the following examples from some of the sites built recently. A range of styles and features which gives flexibilty and can deliver anything you need your site to do.

Eileen Fisher Psychotherapy
A simple clean website that really gets its message across.
Ian Tomlinson - stuff my brain tells me
My personal site and one which focuses on blogging. Note the signup box which pops up. There\'s power in the list!
Joanna Groves Psychotherapy
Here Joanna has chosen the colours of the website to match the art work she has included on the site. The result is pleasing and conveys Joanna\'s message well.
Manchester Institute For Psychotherapy
An example of a site offering all sorts of features including SagePay and PayPal integration. Clean and attractive.
Sarah Lekhi
Super simple website made to Sarah\'s instructions. Simple sites work well to attract clients.
TA Cumbria
The website for the TA Cumbrian conference.
The Affinity Centre
Once more, a clean site focusing on attracting clients. Note the way all of the text is aimed at the potential client and is simple and quick to read with clear calls to action.
The Worsley Centre
This site is for a large therapy centre in Salford. The owner reports bookings doubling since transferring over to soul healer.
Victoria Abadi Therapy
This website uses the beautiful theme from Studiopress to great affect.
Autonomy Counselling and Psychotherapy
A clean site that also has PayPal built in to take payments and bookings for the training on offer.
Integrative Therapy
The client wanted a super minimalist site in keeping with the idea of zen minimalism used throughout their therapy. The result is a cool, calm website that highlights the content rather than busy design.
TA Therapy Videos
This is a website designed to promote and showcase the client\'s videos on Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.
Low Cost Psychotherapy
A site built to promote low cost psychotherapy in Manchester.

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