Mobile Friendly Website Design

mobile friendly websiteYou may have spent a long time on designing your website, making sure that it is appealing to those that come see it but do you have a mobile friendly website?

With 34% of all internet searches taking place on a mobile device, and 78% of those searches taking place on an Apple device – it’s more important than ever to have a mobile friendly website  available for web surfers to access.

Morgan Stanley analysts predict that by 2015, the mobile web will be bigger than desk top internet use – given the rate of change and adoption that is happening currently.  1 in 4 individuals in the USA search the internet only using a mobile device – these people do not have a laptop or desktop at home to search on, and across the world this number is even higher.

It’s simple – if your site is not mobile friendly then it’s highly likely that your potential client will  just leave – frustated with the clumsy interface and slow loading speeds. They may go straight to your competition.

Google Suggest Mobile Friendly Website best practice.

Google are very keen for all websites to be mobile friendly websites (they own Motorola, have their own mobile platform and make lots of money selling advertising on mobile browser searches).  Here are some of the features they suggest to make your site that way:

  1. Make it quick (most mobile devices use slow data download systems)
  2. Simplify navigation
  3. Be thumb friendly (don’t make your site hard to click on with fat digits!)
  4. Design for visibility
  5. Make it local (1 in 3 searches are looking for local services)
  6. Use mobile site redirects (have one website for mobile and one for desktop use)

How does a mobile friendly website help?

When people use mobile phones to access the internet they surf differently to when they are using a computer.  People use mobiles to find information or services quickly.  If you have a mobile friendly website then you can provide the information cleanly and rapidly and this increases the chance of you converting your potential client into an actual one.

Google research found that 1 in 3 searches carried out on a mobile device were looking for local information (Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011)  Just under half of all searches on mobile devices were looking to purchase a product or service and out of thesse searches 9 out of 10  searchers take action (source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT, 2011)

Can’t I just use a plugin to create my mobile friendly website?

There are plugins out there that you can use for WordPress sites that will just squash your current site down into a mobile site but this does not make your website mobile friendly.  When I build you a mobile friendly website it will be a separate website designed specifically for mobile devices.  There is coding that will be installed on your main site that will redirect the user over to the mobile friendly website when it detects they are viewing on a mobile device.  This means that you can have a fast, clean mobile friendly website aimed at supplying the key information that a mobile surfer would be looking for.

You can also include Google maps, money off vouchers, email contact forms and a big fat button on your site that says “tap to call” which will put the searcher directly through to your phone.

You can see an example of my Manchester Psychotherapy mobile friendly website in the image above – it’s simple, clean and gets clients to me fast.  If you want a mobile friendly website please contact me now using my contact form or ring me on 07966 390857 and I will get you one built quickly.

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