How Blogging Can Improve Your Business

This article examines how blogging can make a massive impact on the number of customers you can get for your business. It may seem peculiar to some, but I have found that writing a blog has made a huge difference to the number of people who see my website and want to work with me.

I am therapist working in Manchester, UK. I have been running this business since 2008 and have used a whole range of marketing strategies to promote my business. I have tried local advertising, leaflets and websites on the internet. Blogging has made the biggest difference to the amount of clients I have.

Why does blogging help?

There are a number of reasons why blogging works so well. Here are some of them:

  • Before blogging people would find my website and very often click through to the next site. Now, people click on my website and hang around for a while. They read a few articles and start to form a relationship with me there and then. Many therapist websites are cold places lacking in much depth. The traditional model is to state the type of therapy that is delivered and a few facts about the qualifications the therapist has. There’s a problem with this though. The potential client cannot really get a feel for who you are and what your opinions are on anything. Qualifications probably mean very little to them. What your potential client is looking for is someone they can work with and feel safe with. This applies whether you are a therapist or a motor mechanic. Trust is key.
  • Blogging allows you to show off your expertise in an area. If you are a great interior designer and blog about it, potential clients can quickly see you know your stuff and are more likely to hire you. This has happened to me, especially in the area of couple’s therapy. I blog about it with passion because it’s an area I love to work in. The result is people want to work with me because I show that passion.
  • Blogging improves your website ranking with Google. Google loves fresh content. When you write a weekly (or more frequent) blog post you keep your site up to date and Google starts moving your site up the rankings as a result. Your post may even zoom to the top of the rankings for its keyword simply because it is so new.
  • Blogging increases your knowledge base on your subject. As you read around to gather ideas for blogging you accumulate knowledge which makes you better at whatever your specialist field is.
  • Blogging increases content for your site. Good posts add authority to your site which could move you up the rankings.

If you don’t currently have a blog on your business site how should you go about getting one? Well, there are lots of free platforms out there but the one that shines brightest is WordPress. This is free blogging software that allows you to design and maintain a site easily and quickly. There are plenty of guides out there telling you how to build a site, including the one I have written called “The only guide you will ever need to build your first blog” (catchy title eh?!). If you want a free copy of my e-book just stick your details in the box on the right of this article.

Blogging took my business from struggling to oversubscribed. It can do the same for you. Go for it!

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