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List building made simpleThere are many aspects of website design that are easily overlooked and could potentially be very useful.  One of these areas is list building, something that I caught onto quite quickly as a result of reading how useful it can be on other blogs.

What is list building?

List building is a way of capturing the email addresses of people who may be interested in products or services you offer.  Usually this is done using list building software (which I discuss below) and involves offering something for free that people can download.  In order for the person to download the ebook, course, or whatever other offering you have, they sign up to your list and give you permission to email them on future occasions.  Once signed up to your list, people can easily unsubscribe by clicking a link on your email if they get tired of you.

Why build a list?

List building can be great if you have a service or product that you want to offer to people.  You have built a list of people who have signed up to hear from you so you can just type one quick announcement, click a button and everyone on your list will get a copy.  Imagine that you have a training course to offer on a how to work with children therapeutically.  Previously to designing your course you have offered a free eBook on the same topic and linked this to your list building software.  You can see straight away that the list you have built will probably be very receptive to your course offer and you may even be able to fill your course through your list, depending on how many people are on it.

You can do the same for videos you may create, books, workshops etc.  This is why people who use the internet to market their products exclaim;

“there is power in the list”.

How to build a list

Here is a quick step by step guide………

  1. Write something that your potential audience would want to download.  If you blog you can easily just stick all of your blog posts into one easy to read PDF and offer that as a download.
  2. Convert your writing into an eBook.  This makes it easy to download and easy to read.  eBooks are usually in PDF format and can have a pretty front cover to really pull the punters in.
  3. Upload your offering to your website.  In a WordPress site you will use the media section of the dashboard.
  4. Attach your offering to your list building software.  The two main list builders are Aweber and Mailchimp.  the difference between these two is small and both can be useful depending on what you want to do.  A quick Google of “aweber vs Mailchimp” will fill you in on this.  Briefly, if you do not see your list getting very big then Mailchimp will do it for free for up to 2000 subscribers.  If you want to go all out with the list building thing then go with Aweber – the tool most of the big boys use.
  5. Design a sign up form in the software package you chose and insert it into your website for people to sign up through.  This way, people put their details into the form, have an email sent to them to verify that they want to sign up and then they receive the freebie you designed and you have them on your list.

That’s it!  simple as 1,2,3 (er, 4,5!)

Next steps

There is nothing tricky about any of this but it does take time.  My advice is to get stuck in and do it early on your site so you can capture emails from the off.  If you really can not find the time to do this then I offer a range of list building services that you can find by going to this page.  All you have to do is supply me with the information you want to use as your freebie (step 1)as a Word document,  I will do the rest (steps, 2,3,4,5) if you have a WordPress website.  If you don’t use my contact form to send me a message and we will sort something out.


Your list can be a great resource that you can utilize to sell products and services to people who will more than likely be very interested in what you have to offer.  Start early with it, even before you know what you have to sell, because then when you have worked it out you have an audience that is ready to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Great post mate.

    I agree, building a list is a must.

    It’s hard to believe there’s still some marketers out there chasing that next silver bullet.


    • HI Des, thanks for the comment! I read your site regularly and like the stuff you do – and I’m on your list too!

      • That’s great Ian, and thanks for your recent comment.

        I think 2012 is the year to make things happen mate. I’ve been using the 80/20 technique of spending 80% of my internet marketing time on profit producing tasks instead of reading and replying to forum posts. I’ve seen productivity go through the roof.

        Really concentrating on giving good value to my subscribers too! Look out for some decent content in the next few months 🙂

        Loving the layout of this site btw. It’s easy to navigate and really easy on the eye.

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