How did Soul Healer Websites arise?

Here’s what happened. I wanted a website built for my therapy business and could only find two types of outfit to do it. The first lot gave me a template website that looked pretty much like other therapist’s in the UK because they were all using the same company too! I was limited to five pages, had poor information about who was visiting my site and charged me a fair whack monthly for my site to sit there and do nothing. The second group of companies were all “professional website designers” who charged an enormous amount of cash to even think about making me a site!

It was one of these guys that gave me the idea to build my own site. After a great deal of haggling he eventually agreed to make me a site based on WordPress software for £1200. I thought “but wordpress is free – I’ll go do it myself!”

It took months of reading, making mistakes, reading, emailing people, watching videos, reading, grafting (er…… you get the picture) until I came up with my website. The result?


I love the look and feel of my site, it’s easy to maintain, it’s zoomed up the pages of Google in lots of different keyword searches and most importantly CLIENTS LOVE IT!!! My business is now oversubscribed and I am receiving more enquiries than I could possibly see  . Compare that to the first site I had, built by the “cheap start up” crew. This average website was getting me about one referral a month if I was lucky!

“Ah,” I hear you cry, “There’s a flaw in your plan!” “If you are just using WordPress then I could go make my own website for free just like you did!” I only got one answer to that – YES YOU CAN!! Do yourself a favor if you are going to take this option though. download the eBook I have written which guides you through the process step by step.

This will save you the stress and frustration of attempting to work out how the bloody hell to do this! In my book I will explain what types of server you need, how to install WordPress on it, how to set up your site and how to maximize your site for Google.

For those people who really don’t want to take that route I have three other options for you, from building a simple site and handing it over quickly to full support where I manage your content and even come round your house and make you dinner (er, no…sorry, I’m getting carried away!).

Whatever you choose, you can be certain of great service, great communication and a great website that brings in customers.

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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