7 Great PDF Sharing Sites For Multi-Channel SEO

Sharing your quality content around the web is a great way to bring traffic to your website.  You may get a few good quality links to your site whilst doing it too.  This is not about spamming the following websites with junk.  Make sure you have content you would be proud of on the site.

Once you have signed up to the sites and uploaded your content you can keep adding more PDFs as you go along.  This builds up a body of work on each site that raises your profile and shows that you are an expert in the field.

It’s all about building authority on the web and not relying on Google search results to bring you all of your traffic.  After all – you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket do you?

How Do I Use These PDF Sites?

Simple, just convert your blog post or article into a PDF and upload it to the site with a brief explanation of what it contains.  Other people will then be able to go to the PDF site and download your PDF.  Make sure you have a link to your website in the PDF content so they know where to go to find more of your stuff.  Now  – get uploading!

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PDF sharing sites

Sharing your content on PDF sites is a great way to generate traffic to your website. You may even get a few links out of it too!



PDF sharing sites | Scribd

Books - Fiction Books - Non Fiction Brochures & Catalogs Comics Government Docs How-To Guides & Manuals Newspapers & Magazines Presentations Menus & Recipes Research School Work

PDF sharing sites | Docstoc - We Make Every Small Business Better

Docstoc provides the best quality and largest library of documents, videos and resources to start and grow small businesses.

PDF sharing sites | Issuu - You Publish

Explore a world of publications by people and publishers alike. Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best.

PDF sharing sites | Calaméo - Publish your documents

Publish your magazine, presentations or documents and share them with the world. Embed rich-media content to your publications like videos and audios. It's free and iPad friendly!

PDF sharing sites | edocr | edocr

Only 5 documents can be uploaded for free, after this they charge you 🙁

PDF sharing sites | gazhoo.com - buy and sell documents, images, templates

Gazhoo is a marketplace for user generated contents. Upload and sell or download and buy documents, images, and templates.

PDF sharing sites | Upload & Share PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and documents

Slideshare.net sends me allot and consistent traffic... I love it!

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